Should You Go To Your Doctor’s For a Constipation Evaluation?

The meaning of constipation might not always be clear for some. Some people consider constipation to be as the inability to have a bowel movement on a daily basis while others define it as a difficulty passing hard stool. In the medical profession, constipation is known as a person that is incapable of having less than three bowel movements in an entire week.

Constipation is nothing more than a casual occurrence for most, but for others, constipation can escalate to a much more severe experience. For Those looking for constipation relief, these are the best methods to assessing constipation.

Blood tests Constipation evaluation –  Doctors may call for blood tests to check patients for hypothyroidism or for parathyroid hormone.

X-Rays Abdominal and colonic x-rays – These are utilized in efforts to classify a specific case of constipation depending on the amount of stool seen in the results.

Motility Studies Colonic and anorectal motility studies – These help physicians determine the muscle and nerve functions and abnormalities that may be preventing bowel movement.

Additional constipation evaluations include physicals and informing the doctor of your personal health background.

Should your family doctor be uncomfortable in evaluating constipation or if you do not have confidence in his/her evaluation, it is advisable that you consult a gastroenterologist. Gastroenterologists are more familiar and more experienced in constipation evaluation.

When should you go for a constipation evaluation you ask? Definitely seek out your doctor if your experience symptoms of acute and severe forms of constipation. For most of the constipated community, the ones with mild constipation, have several options of home remedies for constipation relief. There are many effective and simple home remedies to find constipation relief and for constipation prevention. If constipation persists, you should also go see a health care professional to check if your the affect to your bowel movements is a symptom of a more serious disease.

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