Parasites Are the Most Neglected Menace!


PARASITES: Are they inside YOU?

The presence of parasites is more common than you would ever think. Parasitic infection among North Americans are as high as 85% according to some experts.

TWO THIRDS of parasites are microscopic which means “OUT OF SIGHT…OUT OF MIND”. It seems like most people will only recognize a parasite problem and TAKE ACTION when there is a worm flopping in the toilet. Most parasites are STEALTH, meaning you don’t even know they are there. After one passes (eliminates) worms most chronic health problems improve SIGNIFICANTLY. The disease/parasite connection is strong. Yet most of the time MISDIAGNOSED.

Besides parasites getting the Nutrition you eat before you do, they GIVE OFF TOXINS that poison our body and put a Big Load on our IMMUNE SYSTEM, weakening us over time. With our immune system on constant battle fronts due to these invading stealth Attackers, our eating lots of sugar and other chemicals in our food supply along with missing Nutrition (junk food has zero nutrition) our immune system is in a constant struggle. Add the problem of poor Elimination (constipation) now we’ve added self-poisoning to the list. The result? Constant Chronic Health problems that don’t seem to go away.

What SYMPTOMS should I look for?

Cravings for sugar and simple carbohydrates (foods that turn into sugar after eating them) are one of the signs of parasitic infections. Be sure of one thing: parasites get your nutrition from the food YOU eat before you do. Parasites lay 1,000’s of eggs each day and can LIVE 20 to 30 years in your body most of the time, undetected. Most people are unaware that a parasite lives inside them. Parasites have learned to adapt and mutate as they want to survive. Their SECRET? Go undetected!

What’s that flopping in the toilet?

It’s usually quite a shock to see worms (moving or not moving, whole or in pieces) in the toilet after a colon cleanse or Parasite Cleanse. Not all parasites can be seen with the naked eye.

Unfortunately, if you go to your health provider with symptoms of parasitic infection, often times you will receive medication for the symptom without ever finding the REAL CAUSE (a few symptoms for example could be fever, diarrhea, fatigue, digestive or intestinal problems, i.e. abdominal pain, excessive gas, chronic constipation, multiple allergies especially to food, etc.). UNEXPLAINED fatigue should be considered as a potential direct connection to parasitic infection

PARASITES steal your nutrients before you get them and give off Toxins that are Harmful (and absorbed) in your body! Many lab testing procedures miss parasitic infection.

Again, most parasites go undetected, robbing you, your children and/or elderly family members of needed nutrition and strength.


Hookworm - Picture from Center for Disease Control and Prevention

“One for all and All for one”

If one member of the family has intestinal parasites, most likely all the members will have parasites. Simple physical contact such as touch or simple contact, kissing, sex and food contamination are just some of the basic ways parasites transmit from one person to another. Your pet licking your child’s mouth, children playing in the dirt, not washing your hands effectively after bathroom visits are just a couple of examples we need to pay attention to.

 “An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure”

That old saying that applies to much in life. A regular scheduled Health Plan will pay off for years to come if you execute one (do it!). “Life and Death begins in the Colon” has often been quoted by intestinal experts for many years. It’s not only what you eat that counts … but also “what’s eating you”?

PARADOC – A Comprehensive Parasite Formula

Using the most Potent yet Safe ingredients that help rid your body of some of the most potent enemies to health: PARASITES.

Note: It’s important that you are moving your bowels daily (at least 1-2 times) when doing a parasite cleanse.