Natural Remedies For Constipation Are the Best Options For Relief

There are a number of known causes for constipation and just as many ways to acquire constipation relief. Artificial and natural remedies for constipation are your choices when deciding how to seek your constipation relief. Even though one might prefer the use of a chemically engineered remedy, these synthetic remedies for constipation relief have a tendency to have side effects that are apparent immediately or after regular use. Because of this, it might not always be best to choose artificial solution. Natural remedies for constipation relief are effective and treat constipation is alternative ways that are often more beneficial.

A popular use for natural constipation remedies help lubricate the colon. This is one way that natural remedies for constipation help to ease constipation. This is simply done with the consumption of fruits and vegetables with high water and fiber content like apple, apricot, banana, etc. Nuts, Honey, and sesame oil also help lubricate your intestines. Fresh milk and soy milk products are also great as remedies for constipation relief.

Herbs are also recommended as natural remedies for constipation relief. They can be classified into two categories, laxative herbs or demulcent herbs. Laxative herbs have cathartic or loosening effect on your colon that promotes the release of the stool. Some laxative herbs are cascara bark, barberry bark, rhubarb root, and dandelion root. Demulcent herbs help soften the stool for easier movement. Included in this category are flax seed, psyllium seed, fenugreek seed, marshmallow root, and licorice root. Many of these natural constipation remedies are conveniently available in drugstores.

One of the best things about using natural constipation remedies is that side effects, if there are any, are minimal. Keep in mind however, that both synthetic and natural laxatives should not be used as constipation remedies for extended periods. This is because of the dependency the body can develop for these stimulants.

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