CLEANSE your Colon for Optimal Colon Health

Constipation Relief and YOUR HEALTH

What role does being constipated play in your life? Is it just something to laugh about? Is moving your bowels still the forbidden thing to discuss? Does anybody ask you during the last week a life-saving question like “Does your poop float?” or “Did you poop today?” Are you thinking about what’s going to come out as much as how much you think about whats going in (eating!)? You better re-think these funny but Not So Funny thoughts and questions as your life may depend on it.

I’ve been in many hospital rooms and guess what? The thoughts and conversations, the prayers by loved ones and by the patient were NOT what’s playing at the movies this weeked. They were pleading for life. For Health. To ‘make it’. They didn’t want to die or have some extreme major operation (and traditional medicine will have you in OR – the operating room – before they will ask 10 questions trying to get to a root cause. Lets just cut it out! You didn’t need it anyway!!). Millionaires and Billionaires would give all they have away to just get their health and life back.

Do something NOW and Avoid the Nightmare

The colon IS the foundation to ‘the house’. If the garbage never gets picked up it gets pretty foul very fast. What do you think happens inside YOU? The same thing. ADD bacteria, parasites, virus, lowered oxygen levels (disease loves that state). ADD feeling horrible. So what do you do? CLEANSE your colon to start. Do a 3 day flush … yeah. Go 4 or 5 times a day for 3 days, you’re full of it. Only those who did a good flush really knows how GOOD you FEEL after emptying out. Your body will let you know because you feel like skipping to the mailbox instead of walking!

The Goal Today and Everyday

Poop twice a day, 3 times is better if you eat 3 major meals a day. Eat enough fruits and vegetables so your poop floats. If it doesn’t, take a premium fiber supplement (and don’t scrimp on that – not a plain psyllium or grocery store junk!). Look every time you go if you don’t already. Easy delivery, multiple bowel movements per day, good floaters, low paper usage and FEELING GOOD are ALL indicators of optimal colon health. Add good nutrition to that. Exercise and do some laughing. Stop and smell the roses! Make up your mind, you and your family are NOT going to the hospital throughout your entire life … because you won’t need to!

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